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May 22, 2015

In and Around, People and Produce, Milwaukie Farmers Market and more

 The badge says he rides for the "son"
Biker Moma and Popa

 Better than a shopping cart, homeless man and his bicycle.

 Not a typical Portland outfit, but still makes a fashion statement.
Below, on the roof of the eight story Manor at Willamette View, what is it: an eagle or an osprey (sea eagle) or another large bird of prey? I think it's a juvenile bald eagle.

Photographers: These were taken with my Nikon D-7100 and my new Nikor 18-300 mm lens. The lens enables me to take candid photos of bikers  from a distance without risking getting beaten up. This is the perfect lens for street photography.

Street Photography - The Artful Candid

By Liz Masoner, Guide to Photography 
clr gif

 Street photography has a long history and has made many photographers famous.  Gary WinogradAlfred EisenstaedtMary Ellen Mark, and so many others showed us everyday life in new ways. What is it about street photography that so captures the imagination? The best way I can describe street photography is "the artful candid." Street photography isn't posed (at least not by the photographer). Street photography is all about found situations and subjects but they are photographed in an artful way. This type of photography, so often misunderstood even by many its practitioners, is about creating art out of everyday scenes. More>
Note how the lens functioned for the artsy photos of vegetables.

April 12, 2015

Blooms around the house in the second season of spring.

I don't know what these white blossoming trees are just outside
my dining area windows and next to the patio.

This is just starting to bud out. I have no idea what it is or what it will look like.
Below, the path by the patio from the street to the tennis court and the buildings.

Just my silly monkey display... the left money plays the bongos, the monkey on the right likes his store-bought coconut milk. My neighbors gave me the large fire-pot.

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