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October 3, 2020

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Oct. 3, 2020

Check out this blog:

Americans Should Learn From Trump’s Infection Paywall

Forget the snark. Just wear a mask.

Fox News paid $4 million to cover up sexual harassment allegations against Kim Guilfoyle

Kim Guilfoyle, the Trump campaign finance chair and romantic partner of the president’s eldest son, was allegedly terminated from her previous job at Fox News in 2018 after her former assistant accused her of sexual harassment. Moreover, Guilfoyle and her network employer allegedly took significant steps to silence the accuser.

Oct. 2, 2020

Above, considering the news that Trump has Covid some of these photos are particularly relevant.

Tomorow's story will be about the need for a Sputnik moment in American education and will feature this chart (click to enlarge both):
Bottom half of chart:
Not a link. Will be on at 5 AM Saturday


If you are like me and you watched Tuesday’s debate with a voice in your head screaming make it stop, take heart: We have the power to do just that. We can evict President Trump from the territory he has forcibly seized in our minds. We can — we must — vote him out of our thoughts.

We can remove this awful man from our collective headspace, which he has so thoroughly befouled. We can reclaim our serenity, our equilibrium, our sense 0f common humanity. We can return to a time when it was possible to go hours or even entire days without once thinking about what our president might be saying or doing. We can exhale.

At a recent rally in North Carolina, Trump was making one of his rambling attempts to mock Joe Biden when he told the crowd: “If I lose to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I will never speak to you again. You’ll never see me again.” Biden’s social media team quickly posted a clip of Trump’s remarks, then added a zinger: “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.”

Conclusion: Through repetition and force of will, Trump creates his own “reality.” But we know it is not really real, so we must constantly spend time and effort dispelling the miasma of mendacity that pours out of Trump’s fog machine of a mouth. Doing so is exhausting, Sisyphean, psychic labor that drains the soul. Yet it is necessary — because the words of a president, by definition, are consequential — and so the only way to end this epistemological trench warfare is to end Trump’s presidency and send him home to Mar-a-Lago, where he can mutter at the walls.

If Biden wins the election, Trump will not go happily and might not go easily. But he will indeed go — and when he leaves the White House, he will also vacate our national consciousness, giving us all some psychic room to breathe.

A vote for Biden is more than a vote for sane governance. It is a vote for American sanity, period.

What should we think about pundits who tell us what this really means for the election? Could this have any impact on who people actually decide to vote for? Who knows! Voters’ minds have seemed very made up for months now, but this isn’t exactly a normal event. Trump, one could argue, could be the beneficiary of a wave of sympathy if he publicly handles this right. Or, one could counter, Trump has just again proven how reckless he’s been throughout the pandemic, how his bungled response to a deadly virus was always going to end like this.

Trump’s case against Biden has often boiled down to a machismo-infused “toughness”: That he’s the one who’s mentally and physically fit enough to take on America’s adversaries, foreign and domestic. How does that argument work now with Trump potentially fighting a very deadly virus in the weeks before the election? Or if he winds up being asymptomatic, does this just become proof of concept to his base?

It is going to be days until many of these questions begin to have true answers. Literally, the incubation time for the virus is days. We are not going to know much of anything for days. It is OK to be uncertain. This whole year has been uncertain. We’re all very practiced.

Anyway, back to screaming.

Oct. 1, 2020


This is where FoxNews puts the story which basically says nothing. (click below to enlarge, not a link)

White House aide Hope Hicks tests positive for COVID — and had traveled directly with Trump

Click to enlarge below:

Related to Daily Kos story:

Sept. 30, 2020

His sweaty face and angry grimace formed the surreal picture of every woman's worst nightmare — the domineering boss, the cruel boyfriend, the violent father, the abusive husband. Heather "Digby" Parton in Salon

Trump’s Family Didn’t Wear Masks During Presidential Debate — Except On Social Media

A Cleveland Clinic doctor even asked unmasked members of the audience on Trump’s side during the debate to put on masks and was refused.

It appears that Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and others did wear masks into the venue and removed them at some point before sitting down.

Notably, Melania Trump both wore a mask into the venue and continued to wear it while seated. Former vice president Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, and his family wore masks.


By Hal Brown

My Blog: See what else piqued my interest today

This is the moment he said these words. I wonder if these words were planned in advance. I wonder what Joe Biden was thinking.


The tweets below are from Mike Baker, a New York Times reporter covering the northwest. His most recent article is A Day of Protest in Portland as ‘Proud Boys’ Converge on the City.

This is an interesting Twitter thread. Some of the tweets suggest that somebody knew in advance Trump would utter these words because this t-shirt is already available:


In a perverse way I am glad that Trump said these inflammatory words not only because they are so beyond the pale but because the Proud Boys have adopted them. We will likely be seeing them on t-shirts and posters at Proud Boys rallies.

The more news coverage this group receives the more people will see this Trump call to violence. I hope some of those who have support him because they believe his lies are reminded that he has endorsed this violent white supremacist group. If, as is likely, they commit more violent acts, it will be more difficult for Trump to worm himself out of having encouraged them.

It is one thing to have the Proud Boys waving flags and holding Trump signs, but another to have them justify their violence using Trump’s own words.

Pro-Trump demonstrators at at Portland rally in June. The event sparked controversy in the wake of a racially charged killi:
Click above to enlarge image

From The Bulwark:

Sept. 29, 2020

Get the truth during the debate:

Conway Today:

Sept. 28, 2020

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Forget "The Apprentice" — Trump's taxes show he was really "The Biggest Loser"

Between Poppa Trump and Mark Burnett, Trump was gifted $840 million — but he may still owe as much as $1 billion

Donald Trump's seemingly immovable approval numbers are a testament, above all other things, to the power of racism, and the way that 40 to 42% of Americans will stand by their man, no matter how bad things get, so long as he keeps hating the same people they hate. But that legendary floor of his — he has almost never dropped below 40%, or risen above 45% — is also a testament to the power of narrative fiction, especially of the televised variety.

During the 2016 Republican primary, polling showed that Trump supporters were bamboozled by "The Apprentice," mistaking the fictional Trump of the "reality" TV show for the real Trump, a repeated business failure with a series of bankruptcies under his belt. To this day, about half of Americans still believe that Trump is a competent steward of the American economy, despite the worst downturn since the Great Depression, because they mistook a character he played on TV for the real thing. Trump has boosted this lie about his business acumen by concealing decades of his tax returns so that he could claim to be a successful billionaire without being fact-checked by his own accountants. 

But now, after years of trying, the New York Times has successfully harpooned the white whale that journalists, prosecutors, activists and Democrats have been hunting for years: Donald Trump's tax returns.

Unsurprisingly, the documents suggest Trump cheats on his taxes, as he cheats in every other aspect of lifefrom marriages to presidential elections. Perhaps more importantly, the documents show that Trump's entire persona as a successful businessman isn't just a lie, but the inverse of reality. If we're going strictly on profit and loss, Donald Trump is the worst living businessman in America. 


If you don't subscribe to the Post here's a summary of the article below:

Science editor H. Holden Thorp: Scientists "should have spoken out" against Trump "a long time ago"

Editor of respected journal on his "Trump lied about science" editorial — and why too many scientists stayed quiet

Redfield voices alarm over influence of Trump's new coronavirus task force adviser

CDC Director Robert Redfield took aim at Covid-19 task force member Scott Atlas, telling a colleague in an overheard call that "everything he says is false."

WASHINGTON — The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has grown increasingly concerned that President Donald Trump, pushed by a new member of his coronavirus task force, is sharing incorrect information about the pandemic with the public.

Dr. Robert Redfield, who leads the CDC, suggested in a conversation with a colleague Friday that Dr. Scott Atlas is arming Trump with misleading data about a range of issues, including questioning the efficacy of masks, whether young people are susceptible to the virus and the potential benefits of herd immunity.

"Everything he says is false," Redfield said during a phone call made in public on a commercial airline and overheard by NBC News.

Redfield acknowledged after the flight from Atlanta to Washington that he was speaking about Atlas, a neuroradiologist with no background in infectious diseases or public health. Atlas was brought on to the White House task force in August.

Police knock white man to the ground and don't choke him to death. Watch video:

Read story here.

Sept. 27, 2020

Let's see Trump worm his way out of this one: If you don't subscribe to The NY Times (link below) there are several summary articles on RawStory.

Here's how HUFFPOST is covering what may be the real October surprise.

New book details the way Russians funneled money through Trump’s real estate empire using a money laundering middleman (summary of Daily Beast article)

Today's story for Daily Kos is not about the Supreme Court or the election:
Take a break:

Trump loses another case:

Trump's threats against democracy shouldn't surprise anyone — why must the media caste keep acting so shocked?

Most Americans have heard (or asked) some version of the following questions during the last four years.

Will Donald Trump and his movement ever stop? Answer: No. They are winning. 

Where are the principled and "good" Republicans? Why won't they stop Donald Trump? Why won't they speak out? There are none left, or at least not enough to make a difference. 

Don't Donald Trump and the other Republicans have a conscience? They do not. Power and vanquishing the "enemy" —meaning liberals, progressives, the Democratic Party in general and anyone else they do not see as "real Americans" — is the only goal that matters.

Is there no bottom to Donald Trump and the Republican Party's cruelty? No. Cruelty and pain are weapons that advance their agenda. 

How could this happen in the greatest country on earth? By many measures America is not the greatest country on Earth. The myth of American exceptionalism helped to spawn Trumpism.


The worst offenders can be put into three categories.

1) The "hope-peddlers" will always find some way to spin harsh realities into a potential victory or hopeful possibility for the Democratic Party and the American people. They also believe that somehow the "better angels" will take over the Republican Party, thus saving the country. 

2) The stenographers of current events are supposedly committed to "balance" and "fairness." They are the purveyors of "both-sides-ism" and horserace journalism. As a group, the stenographers of current events are perhaps most responsible for normalizing Donald Trump and American fascism.

3) There are those who are stuck in an endless cycle of perpetual outrage, shock and surprise. These voices act surprised by the Trump regime's newest offense, as though it were somehow unexpected rather than a continuation of an obvious pattern with hundreds of prior examples.

Watch video:

I played Trump in Clinton’s debate prep. Here’s what Biden can expect.

The best way to deal with Trump, though, won’t be to try to fact-check him in real time or to let lies and absurdities go in the hope that moderators — or viewers — catch them. There’s a third option: Preempt the president. Clearly and strongly preview for the 100 million people watching what will happen in the debate as soon it begins. Biden should say early on that we all know what’s coming. Not to remind voters. But to remind Trump, by speaking on behalf of the majority of the country, that everyone is on to him, in a reversal of Trump’s favorite “everyone is saying” paralipsis device:

“C’mon, Mr. President. Everyone knows that whatever you call fake is real. Whatever you call a lie is the truth. Whatever you accuse others of doing is what you’ve done. And whatever you make fun of me for saying by accident only serves to deflect from what you say on purpose.”

The 2020 version of Trump is constantly winging it, hoping voters will forget what he has said and done while focusing on his grievance du jour. He needs everyone watching the debate to pretend he never said there were only a few cases of the coronavirus in the United States, or that it would be gone in a week, or that he confessed, on tape, to lying about its lethality.

In the end, both men’s debate preparations rely on what they have done over the course of the entire campaign.

For the last 18 months, Joe Biden has debated Donald Trump on the issues from afar. Over that same period, Trump has done nothing but assault Biden’s character. Trump’s debate preparations — “what I’m doing” every day — are the first in history to include behavior that ended up in impeachment.

In Cleveland, an unshrinking force will meet an unvarying object.

Now this is finally making sense:

Sept. 26, 2020

Below courtesy of
click below to enlarge: 
I wonder how they/re going to edit Dr. Fauci in these.....

The two of us should be among Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. One of us (Mickey) is a founding trustee of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank and a former chairman of the American Conservative Union. Another (Charles) is an Afghanistan War veteran, a devout Christian and a graduate of Trump’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance. Both of us were elected to Congress as Republicans.

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