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May 9, 2020

Hal Brown Blog

This is a blog with my own opinion plus some of each day's stories that piqued my interest. A few of them are from websites you are unlikely to read. I hope they interest you too.... Click on my photos to enlarge them. The photos are meant as moments of zen. They date back many years and many were taken when I lived in Massachusetts. -  Read  My 1000+ Daily Kos stories


May 10, 2020
Yesterday's walk

May 9, 2020

 Is The Coronavirus Mutating And Becoming More Contagious? 

Here's what you should know about a study that claims a new dominant strain of the virus could spread faster than the original.

I enlarged the yelling Trump

Trump Met With GOP Lawmakers For An Hour. Nobody Wore A Mask Or Stayed Apart.

Are these guys begging to get the coronavirus?

Skeptical judge could hold up Trump administration's bid to clear Flynn, legal experts say

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The notoriously independent-minded federal judge who once said he was disgusted by the conduct of Michael Flynn could block the administration’s bid to drop criminal charges against the former adviser to President Donald Trump, legal experts said. 

The Department of Justice on Thursday told U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington it wants to drop the case against Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, following a pressure campaign by the Republican president and his political allies. 
While judges typically sign off on such motions, Sullivan could refuse and instead demand answers from the DOJ about who requested the sudden about-face, said Seth Waxman, a former federal prosecutor now at the law firm Dickinson Wright. 

“If Judge Sullivan wanted to he could conduct an inquiry and start asking a lot of questions,” said Waxman.

May 8, 2020
New image on the news that a member of the Pence staff also was diagnosed positive.

We sit at the most consequential moment in a generation and it is now clear that it is not the case that President Trump doesn’t want to change his behavior. It’s that he is congenitally incapable to moderate it even for a single day.
The malignant self-obsession and childish vitriol only scratches the surface of the man’s flaws. His compulsions aren’t hidden or covered up. They are broadcast for the entire country to see, for hours on end, every day, late into the night.
Here is where the final corruption takes place. Trump’s behavior is so far outside the realm of acceptable that even his supporters have been forced to concede it.
And so, because they are unwilling to abandon Trump, they have chosen to embrace his vile abnormality and wear it as a badge of honor, turning it into a rallying cry to attack anyone who is bothered by the behavior.
“Orange Man Bad,” they say.

As if, by taking ownership of this fact, it somehow invalidates it.

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Encourages Healthy People To Show ‘Courage,’ Leave Their Homes and my comment:

Remember the chicken run climax of "Rebel Without A Cause" where Jim, the James Dean character, jumps out of his car before it careens over the cliff. Buzz, played by Corey Allen, plunges to his death when the strap on his jacket sleeve becomes entangled with his door-latch lever before he can leapfrog the car proving how macho he is. Covid-19 is the door-latch lever. Would it be unkind to wish that Pete Hegseth's jacket sleeve coaches on it?

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