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April 22, 2020

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This is a blog with my own opinion plus some of each day's stories that piqued my interest. I hope they interest you too.

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April 22, 2020

American Carnage: How Donald Trump Is Killing Us

Arrogance and chaos define the federal response to the pandemic.

April 21, 2020

A really good parody video song

You may notice I changed the picture here.

Americans are now officially at war with a sociopathic monster


Trump’s Excuse For Holding Rallies Amid Growing Pandemic: He Can’t Remember Them

The president claims he hasn’t left the White House in months despite holding six campaign rallies in February and March.

President Donald Trump on Monday resorted to questioning whether a campaign rally he held in March had actually taken place after he was caught in a lie claiming that he hadn’t left the White House in months.
“I don’t know about rallies, I really don’t know about rallies,” Trump said at his press briefing when PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor mentioned his continued campaign events during the worsening coronavirus pandemic.
“I know one thing, I haven’t left the White House in months, except for a brief moment to give a wonderful ship, the [USNS] Comfort,” he said.
When Alcindor pointed out that he had held a campaign rally on March 3, Trump said: “I don’t know, did I hold a rally? I’m sorry, I hold a rally. Did I hold a rally?”

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