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July 19, 2019


July, 29, 2019

Trump and his views are the real infestations in America.

Charles M. Blow
NY Times Opinion Columnist

It would be easy to prosecute a case against Trump on policy, but policies are not at the center of the creature. White supremacy, white nationalism and white patriarchy are.
The core of this man is racist in a way that is so fused to his sense of the world that he is incapable of seeing it as racist. It is instinctual for him to attack people of color. It is instinctual for him to denigrate the places they live and the countries to which they trace their heritage.
He has so bought into the white supremacist narrative that his ideology no longer requires, in his own thinking, a label. For him, this lie of it is just the truth of it, and what is “right” can’t be racist.
This is a means by which racists have operated throughout history, to rescue themselves from association with those who flayed the flesh of the enslaved, who raped the women and sold the children, who released the dogs and aimed the water cannons, who noosed the necks and set ablaze the crosses.
Those demonstrative few, those consumed by hatred and sadism, those were the racists. Not the exponentially larger groups who swallowed and regurgitated a warped view of the world, a doctored view of history, and supposedly damning “facts” without contextualization.

Trump is a racist. Say that out loud. Say it with the profundity that it deserves. That to me is the beginning and the ending of the rationale I need to stand steadfast in my resistance.


MOSCOW — Bloodied protesters, a hunger strike, police raids, more than a thousand arrests, a mysterious “illness” afflicting the Kremlin’s most prominent critic — a long-simmering dispute over a local Moscow election boiled over this weekend into a major political crisis for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
After a weekend of demonstrations, featuring thousands of anti-government protestors and sometimes violent clashes with police, Alexei Navalny, the opposition’s best-known figure, was hospitalized Sunday after suffering what health officials said was an “allergic reaction” while in police custody.
One of his doctors, Anastasia Vasilieva, said it was possible that he had been poisoned. “We cannot exclude toxic damage to the skin by chemicals induced by a ‘third person,’” she wrote in a Facebook post.
Navalny was jailed for 30 days on Wednesday for calling on Russians to demonstrate. His did not appear to be in any immediate danger, but reports of his illness has caused concern.
A number of other government critics have been poisoned since Putin came to power in 2000, and Boris Nemtsov, a well-known opposition politician, was shot dead outside the Kremlin in 2015. At least 20 of Navalny’s supporters who arrived at the hospital on Sunday evening were detained by police before they could enter the clinic.
Binge watch it: For fans of "Orange" the last season, number seven, is a major shift thematically and stylistically. It is powerful and gut wrenching. It has moved from being a tragicomedy to a tragedy. Don't expect happy endings, as the show depicts is the world of Trump. I'd rank it alongside the best seasons of The Wire and Deadwood  as among the best TV series.

We’ve spent seven seasons and nearly 100 hours with these characters, so we arguably deserved the gratifying closure we got with Piper, Taystee, Gloria, Blanca, and, you could argue, Nicky, Cindy, and Alex as well. But the show wouldn’t have been true to itself if it wasn’t also a pointed, timely reminder of the injustice of the criminal justice system and its relentless hopelessness. 
While Orange Is the New Black has always traded in gray areas and the overlap between right and wrong, love and tragedy, and comedy and drama, there were no minced words or mixed messages in its immigrant detention center plot. 

What made this arc so remarkable is that, while a full-throated denouncement of our country’s immigration policies and the treatment of detainees, it didn’t feel political, didactic, preachy, or message-heavy. It was an exploration of the human impact of these policies, and the legal system behind it. It was an education in the procedures they must deal with.

Noteworthy: Fox News political analyst Juan Williams: Trump, his allies and the betrayal of America


“To this day, Mr. Trump refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of Russian intervention, and the Republican-controlled Senate is unwilling to consider legislation for enhanced election security — maybe because doing either could be seen as an admission that the election was tainted,” the New York Times editorial board correctly pointed out.
“Conceding the obvious might seem like a small price to pay. But the president appears more concerned with nursing his ego than safeguarding American democracy — and that puts us all, Republicans, Democrats and independents, at risk.”
Let history record that a delusional president, concerned only with his own ego, and a traitorous Republican Congress, concerned only with their own reelections, chose to ignore Mueller.
July 28, 2019

My photoshop today
I put this on Twitter with the new hashtag #WeAreBaltimore and so far 445 people have looked at it.

Better to have a few rats than to be one (Embellished with my photoshops)

Version two photoshop

This is a president who will happily debase himself at the slightest provocation. And given Mr. Cummings’ criticisms of U.S. border policy, the various investigations he has launched as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, his willingness to call Mr. Trump a racist for his recent attacks on the freshmen congresswomen, and the fact that “Fox & Friends” had recently aired a segment critical of the city, slamming Baltimore must have been irresistible in a Pavlovian way. Fox News rang the bell, the president salivated and his thumbs moved across his cell phone into action.

Adapted from DonkeyHotey caricature
As heartening as it has been to witness public figures rise to Charm City’s defense on Saturday, from native daughter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, we would above all remind Mr. Trump that the 7th District, Baltimore included, is part of the United States that he is supposedly governing. The White House has far more power to effect change in this city, for good or ill, than any single member of Congress including Mr. Cummings. If there are problems here, rodents included, they are as much his responsibility as anyone’s, perhaps more because he holds the most powerful office in the land.

Finally, while we would not sink to name-calling in the Trumpian manner — or ruefully point out that he failed to spell the congressman’s name correctly (it’s Cummings, not Cumming) — we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the Oval Office, the mocker of war heroes, the gleeful grabber of women’s private parts, the serial bankrupter of businesses, the useful idiot of Vladimir Putin and the guy who insisted there are “good people” among murderous neo-Nazis that he’s still not fooling most Americans into believing he’s even slightly competent in his current post. Or that he possesses a scintilla of integrity. Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one.

Streaming video review -  If you are a fan of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, this season is particularly timely and troubling. The writers found a way to address the issues of Trump's anti-immigration policy and ICE locking up immigrants in a clever way. The private company that runs the "orange" prison also runs a detention center. The cooks from the "orange" prison end up cooking at the immigrant detention center which is far worse than a prison.
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What Brits are paying attention to. VIDEO below: What's a dog whistle ?

Michigan makes the news in a bad way again - not with Michigan State University this time:

July 27, 2019

Trump blistered for bigoted attack on Elijah Cummings: ‘It’s not even veiled racism’

On Saturday, President Donald Trump blasted House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for criticizing his border patrol policy, blasting his home district in Baltimore as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” and a “very dangerous & filthy place” where “no human being would want to live” and suggesting it should be stripped of federal funding. Cummings’ district is actually above average in median income and education, but over 59 percent of its population is black, as is Cummings himself, so naturally Trump would assume it is filthy and impoverished.

In conversation with CNN’s Jessica Dean on Saturday, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery sharply criticized Trump for his ongoing bigotry.

“Wesley this is an American president calling an American city ‘disgusting,'” said Dean. “It’s also a president who attacked four congresswomen because he said they didn’t love their country. What do you make of this rant this morning, these tweets?”

July 26, 2019

My afternoon photoshop

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough buries “Moscow Mitch” McConnell for selling out American democracy to Russia (with an apt alliteration) 

Way to go, Joe, this is now a trending Twitter hashtag: #MoscowMitch

Escape from Trumpland on NetFlix, new season today.

Tucker Carlson is the spawn of Trump, only he can speak in full sentences. Read story.

“A daft old man, blinking in the sunlight once his curtain was torn away.” With this memorably rude phrase, uttered early on Wednesday night’s episode of his namesake Fox News program, Tucker Carlson fired the kill shot in the network’s two-year campaign of character assassination against special counsel Robert Mueller. In the immediate aftermath of Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Carlson and his Fox News colleagues did what they do best: glorify Donald Trump while belittling his opponents and enemies.

July 25, 2019


Recommended OpEd

Ilhan Omar: It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism

July 24, 2019

17 minutes of Trump mental illness:

Looking back on the day:

Watching Mueller: It's well nigh impossible for me to wrap my mind around how the Republicans are flailing around trying to support Trump, and Nunes is spinning outlandish conspiracy theories. Have they no shame? Of course not! I am proud to be a Democrat but so frustrated watching these two hearings where someone in a clown suit should come in a put a pie in the faces of all these Trump acolytes when they mouth their disgusting attacks on Robert Mueller. What kind of pie? Let's say it wouldn't be the kind of pie I'd want to serve to any friends.

July 23, 2019
This would be funny if is wasn't frightening and embarrassing for the country.... I didn't know Kingston, a town near where I used to live in Massachusetts, was ever divided.
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July 22, 2019

July 21, 2019
Today Nick Kristof says all that needs to be said - The G.O.P. Is Now a Personality Cult

The party no longer stands for much of anything.

July 20, 2019

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July 19, 2019
Below: I made two photoshops before I thought of a story to go with them.
I changed there thumbnail photo for this Daily Kos story to this:

This is one of the most painful and outrageous videos of Trump yet: 
This was excruciating to watch — it is obviously outrageous and once again mind-boggling and nauseating to realise this is the president.. I wonder why he even agreed to meet with her. No doubt he didn’t realise how articulate and powerful her message would be.
More people need to see it. Trump’s expressions and comments (especially but not limited to “where are they now?”) should tell everything about him we need to know. I wonder what his GOP enablers in Congress think and especially how they about feel it (and hopefully when) they see this. Not to mention what the international community makes of it. 


July 18, 2019

My great grandparents were from eastern Europe so I don't know of distant relative killed in the Holocaust but I assume I have many. I am glad you made the comparison between Trump and his crowds to the EARLY days of Hitler. Good to remind people this how NAZIs started.

Taking a break from politics, here's why we may never send humans to Mars in the foreseeable future:

July 17, 2019

All I have today ARE my photoshops.

How can George Conway stay married to her/him? Maybe he's doing it for the sake of the children. Although one might ask him what kind of role model she is.

July 16, 2019

My photoshop

Does Melania Trump ‘Really Care’? In Her Birthplace Women Really Want To Know.

Amid rumors the first lady’s planning a trip back to Slovenia after 15 years, some of the country’s most accomplished women hope she’ll break with her husband’s cruel policies.

Excellent NY Times editorial

What Pelosi Versus the Squad Really Means

No, I thought, President Trump was boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent, narcissistic and insensitive. He’s a pathetic bully but an equal-opportunity bully — in his uniquely crass and crude manner, he’ll attack anyone he thinks is critical of him. No matter how much I found him ultimately unfit, I still gave him the benefit of the doubt about being a racist. No matter how much I came to dislike him, I didn’t want to think that the president of the United States is a racial bigot.

But Sunday left no doubt. Naivete, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president. Trump could have used vile slurs, including the vilest of them all, and the intent and effect would have been no less clear. Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from”? That’s racist to the core. It doesn’t matter what these representatives are for or against — and there’s plenty to criticize them for — it’s beyond the bounds of human decency. For anyone, not least a president. 

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