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July 1, 2018



July 11, 2018
The following story was so negatively received it resulted in a three day suspension from posting on Daily Kos:

The diary you posted today ( has earned well-deserved pushback. As commenters have pointed out, speculating that latent homosexuality is the reason for Trump's atrocious behavior is homophobic. As you certainly know, straight men can exhibit atrocious behavior without being closeted homosexuals. So until you have some actual evidence for this theory, you should leave gay people out of it. This is not your first post that has been met with significant and proper pushback for running afoul of site norms, and which you've then only grudgingly edited. We're giving you a three-day time out during which we urge you to reflect on Daily Kos's zero tolerance policy for all forms of bigotry.

For one one thing, like most of those who commented negatively, it does not appear that you (the moderators) actually read, let alone understood, my diary. This was a psychologically sophisticated attempt to analyze a possible un darling, i.e. unconscious, motivation behind Trump’s seeming infatuation with Putin. I think it was well reasoned and articulated.

I addressed every accusation in the text before I posted the diary, not afterward (except for the introduction). This is something the critical commenters ignore. They gave it a superficial reading and responded with their own prejudices.

Just because an article generates negative comments doesn’t mean it should result in a suspension. I have written over 500 diaries for Kos and this has never happened before.

You say that this is not the first story that has generated negative comments. If you review those you will see that they came almost exclusively from two people, Remembering Jello and Hugh Jim Bissell. You are giving them more credence than they deserve. In fact I sent you a comment that the later was trying to hijack the comment thread on one of my diaries with point of view he posts on every diary I write about Trump’s psychopathology.

I am sorely disappointed in whoever made this decision. Kos should be a forum for diverse ideas and discussion. If you loose me you will have no member of the community who is an experienced psychotherapist, an early and respected member of the Duty to Warn group, and someone who posts regally on Trump’s psychopathology.

I suggest that you have someone with a high level of psychological sophistication review the article as I did with several member of Duty to Warn.

I trust you will get back to me ASAP.

Hal Brown, MSW



Update: This is proving to be a controversial dairy, at least in the comments, though so far not in the poll. It is after all on a sensitive subject. I anticipated that it might be offensive to some people if they gave it a cursory glance.  This is why I broke it down into three chapters. Each is meant to be read in sequence. Each is meant to be read in its entirety. Because this article posits a hypothetical it is a thought exercise. Furthermore, it is a thought exercise about the power of the unconscious to influence conscious feelings and behavior. Not everyone takes this seriously. There are many people who don't even believe there is such a thing as the unconscious.

Part 1 The wisdom of mocking the Trump for having homosexual impulses towards Putin

The New York Times was roundly criticized for a cartoon they published last week: “ The New York Times is under fire for 'homophobic' cartoon of Trump and Putin.” This isn’t what led me to write this diary. The thought occurred to me independently. I only found the article when doing some Googling related to writing this, however, it is relevant.
The New York Times is being accused of “gay bashing” after running an animated video depicting President Trump and Vladimir Putin as lovers. " The New York Times is being accused of “gay bashing” after running an animated video depicting President Trump and Vladimir Putin as lovers. 
Trump and Putin: A Love Story,” featuring cartoon versions of the two leaders. The video opens with audio from a 2013 interview during which Trump was asked if he had a relationship with the Russian president. “I do have a relationship with him,” said POTUS. “He’s done an amazing job — he’s put himself really at the forefront of the world as a leader in a short period of time.” This week the newspaper ran a minute-long video called “Trump and Putin: A Love Story,” featuring cartoon versions of the two leaders.  Yahoo Lifestyle
UPDATE: Either the NY Times took down the video or it is overloading their servers. You can see it here. Interesting that it is on RT ( formerly Russia Today) with this title: Trump, Putin imagined as passionate gay lovers in casually homophobic NYT cartoon (VIDEO) I suggest everyone read the article that accompanies the video. I do not have space to excerpt it here.
This is probably a much bigger story than what I wrote.
RT (formerly Russia Today) is a Russian international television network funded by the Russian government.[4][5] It operates cable and satellitetelevision channels directed to audiences outside of Russia, as well as providing Internet content in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Russian. Wiki
I have had two requests from RT to be interviewed in person about my views about Trump’s psychopathology. In both cases, they said they would fly a reporter from San Francisco to Portland. I declined.
The Washington Post GIF (right), an animated cartoon, of a naked Putin and a naked Trump engaging in anal sex would be x-rated if it was a video of real people.
I see these depictions as distractions and sideshow intended to embarrass and mock the president. They open Trump critics to justifiable attacks for being insensitive towards the LGBT community.
just last night I watched “The Last Laugh” about how far comedians can and should go when making jokes about highly sensitive material like the Holocaust. It was made clear that non-Jews had to dread very lightly when they dared delve into this area, and as Jewish comedians Mel Brooks and Rob Reiner said in the documentary, the jokes better be damn funny. 
My feeling is that if anyone is going to draw a gay cartoon or make a gay joke about Trump and Putin they 1) ought to be gay and 2) the jokes better not be cheap shots but rather should be damn funny. The LGBT community has been maligned and worse for centuries, and is under attack now with the new Supreme Court which could undo many of the gains made in assuring they have the same rights as any other citizens. 
I think gay jokes about Trump and Putin should be avoided. This doesn't mean I think trying to understand Trump's psychology and how it may affect his relationship with Putin is off limits.

Part 2: Does Trump have repressed homosexual impulses and why, if he does, it could be significant? 

I don't think it is far-fetched to think Trump may have repressed homoerotic impulses and feelings for Putin. Sometimes this is called latent homosexuality:
Latent homosexuality is an erotic attraction toward members of the same sex that is not consciously experienced or expressed in overt action. This may mean a hidden inclination or potential for interest in homosexual relationships, which is either suppressed or not recognized, and which has not yet been explored, or may never be explored. Wikipedia
It would explain a lot. These feelings could have national policy implications. 
This is all conjecture. There’s no way to know, however, consider some evidence:
  • Trump's womanizing could mask an underlying attraction to men.
  • His leering and lustful displays around busty women whose sexuality is exaggerated and this also could be an unconscious attempt to appear to be anything but gay.
  • His smug gleeful braggadocio about his prowess with women as evidenced by his own words from the Access Hollywood tape and on the Howard Stern show could be his trying to prove what a man’s man he is.
  • His thinking he could impress Putin by inviting him to visit the Miss Universe Pageant
  • --
  • kos-071118c.png
    His military school experience where he was a cadet captain may have some hints. It is common for men in enforced same-sex situations participate in homosexual experimentation, called situational homosexuality. They later go on to have heterosexual lives and are not considered latent homosexuals.  If Trump enjoyed such encounter this would have driven his fears of being a homosexual even deeper. According to the Washington Post “ he ordered the officers under his command to keep strict discipline. Shoes had to be shined. Beds had to be made. Underclassmen had to spring to attention.” By being so strict he might have felt nobody would question his sexual proclivities. He was transferred out of that position to one where no cadets were under his command. Reasons for are unclear but he said  “he was elevated as a reward for stellar performance. “I had total control over the cadets,” he said in a recent interview. ‘That’s why I got a promotion — because I did so good.’ “
  • According to the Washinton Post: “He often left campus on weekends and drew the envy of fellow students for his habit of bringing attractive women to the school.”  This could be another attempt to prove how straight he was.
  • This may be far out, however, we know that Trump enjoys watching wrestling matches and is friends with Vince McMahon. I am dismissing the famous photo-op of Trump smooching Rudy Guiliani who was dressed like a woman because it was most likely a publicity stunt and because, be real, who would be turned on by Rudy in drag? I include the following article by a clinical psychologist about boxing and wrestling because it fits the paradigm: 
The two sports boxing and wresting latent homosexuality is quite evident. And where many of the features involved in the act of intercourse between two lovers are present in the ring. For example, in both boxing and wrestling the participant hug, embrace, stroke the opponent's sweaty and scantly-covered body like any couple engaged in sexual activities. Many psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists postulate the theory that both the boxer and the wrestler experience profound rage and guilt for their exhibitionist conduct, and for giving in to their homosexual desires. Therefore, each participant is highly-motivated to punish each other, sometimes ending in death, for gratifying the unconscious homosexual desire to embrace and make love to another man.  from: “Latent Homosexuality: Paranoid Delusions Rage and Anxiety” By William L. Smith Ph. D.  | 


* Reaction formation is a type of defense mechanism in which a person acts in the exact opposite manner to his own disturbing or socially unacceptable thoughts or emotions. This behavior is often unconscious and appears exaggerated, perhaps in an effort to overcompensate for the embarrassment, guilt or repulsion the person feels regarding his private thoughts. PsychCentral

3. A Straight man on repressed homosexuality

Gay men are invited to correct me about any of the following.
Let’s be clear. It is not pathological, in fact, it is quite normal for some, perhaps many, heterosexual men to be sexually attracted to other men at times. Some men easily accept these feelings, others find them mildly disquieting, while other find them abhorrent. 
Sometimes both conscious, partially conscious, and deeply repressed homosexual feelings lead men to become homophobic. 
We see church leaders and politicians who rant against same-sex marriage and then are caught in compromising situations with other men. Closeted gay sexuality isn’t the same as latent homosexuality. Closeted gay men know at some level they are homosexuals, although some may be bisexual or leading a life of a lie with their wives.
On a list of the five most well known gay ministers who were outed the only one I’d heard of was Ted Haggard. “He was the pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and would meet with figures such as President George W. Bush. Haggard would campaign against gay marriage and bash homosexuality in Church. In 2006, a gay male prostitute claimed that he had regular sex with Haggard and also used with methamphetamines. Haggard would admit to being gay and having a relationship with a male church member.” From NewsOne
In the worst cases, some homophobic men become violent towards openly gay men. From what I can tell “ gay bashing” was added to Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged,  in their 1991 edition though obviously, it had been going on for many decades prior


The stereotype of the macho man who is a closeted gay man is often depicted in movies and on TV as a gangster, for example Vito Spatafore Sr., played by Joseph R. Gannascoli, a  fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. He was a member of the DiMeo Crime Family and a subordinate of Tony Soprano. He was married to Marie Spatafore with two children, Francesca and Vito Jr., and was a closeted homosexual. This was revealed in the show's fifth season, and became one of the more prominent subplots in the sixth season. (Photo) These men aren't the same as men who repress their feelings if they know they are gay but are consciously hiding it.

4. Why is any of this relevant to Trump and Putin’s relationship?

If Trump is repressing homoerotic urges it could explain his attraction to authoritarian leaders, otherwise known as strongmen. Strong-men are the ver antithesis of feminine men. 
Ipso facto having a reaction formation to unconscious homosexual urges is not dangerous in a president. Even having conscious homoerotic attraction isn’t problematic. However, if it leads Trump to try to curry favor with, or to please a leader like Putin it could be dangerous.
It makes him open to being manipulated. 
Maybe all of this goes back to Trump’s childhood and his need for his father’s approval. He could unconsciously see Putin as a kind but tough father figure who he is desperate to please.
Or perhaps his affinity for Putin is a combination of a deep desire for paternal acceptance mixed with homoerotic feelings.
Rarely is anything easy or simple when trying to analyze the unconscious motivations of someone like the president.
Speculating about Trump's unconscious psychodynamics is exceedingly difficult. This is even more difficult than trying to understand his patholgical lying.  There are always alternate explanations for any of the behaviors I've listed besides latent homosexuality.  It is in fact far easier to add up all of his other manifest behaviors and try to fit him into the DSM-5 diagnostic characteristics or toss the DSM and go to Erich Fromm’s formulation and assess him as being a malignant narcissist with an impulse control disorder and an addiction to pathological lying.
Of course, Trump could be a run-of-the-mill heterosexual male who just happens to be a  cruel misogynist pig and an evil dictator wannabe who is the model of mental health that Dr. Ronnie Jackson says he is.
About me: 
After running a mental health center in Michigan (the Mason Mental health Center) for 20 years, my wife and I moved to Massachusetts where I was in private practice for 20 more years.
I have written nearly 60 articles on Daily Kos about Trump’ s dangerous psychopathology (and more than 500 other diaries on related political subjects). I was one of the first members of Dr. John Gartner’s groundbreaking sometimes controversial Duty to Warn Group. He is one of the most prolific clinicians writing in major publications about Trump.

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I dislike your use of being gay as a negative. As a gay man, this diary feels homophobic.

Using homosexuality as a cudgel to attack someone’s motives is clearly homophobic. Your attempts to straight-splain that I haven’t really read your piece or “just don’t get it” are both condescending and offensive. You should be embarrassed.


Please don’t assume that we haven’t read your diary in full. I’ve read the whole thing, plus your comments. My thorough review of it doesn’t make me like it any better.

Well, of course for decades the psychiatric/psychological community claimed that homosexuality is a mental illness.  Homosexual attraction and engaging in homosexual sex was even listed in the DSM as a mental illness.  Even today, there are practicing psychiatrists and psychologist who continue to tell anyone who listens that being gay is an illness.
(Interesting aside: how did the psychiatrists decide that homosexual thoughts and feelings are normal and not an illness?  What research was done to remove homosexual thoughts and behaviors from the DSM?  They held a vote.  That’s right: psychiatrists determined that being gay was not a mental illness thru the very scientific process of holding a vote.  More evidence that whether or not something is considered a mental illness by psychiatrists has nothing to do with science or biology or pathology.)
While it is true that you do not explicitly claim that being gay is negative, the entire point of your diary is to link gay thoughts and feelings with two of the very worst humans alive today.  The implications of your words are negative in the extreme towards homosexuality.
I suggest an apology is in order.

Trump loves only one person, himself.
With his ego mixed in, there’s no room for anyone else.
He might be coveting the power he sees in dictators like Putin, and Kim Jong-Un.
He probably had a thing for Sadam Hussein and Manuel Noriega.

If anything, I would say Trump is Omni-Erotic...


If anything, I would say he is un-erotic.

“There is no God. There is only Trump.”

HalBrown — In your block quote from Yahoo Lifestyle there are several sentences that repeat. I’m not sure how that happened, but you should edit them out.

I don't think that latent or repressed homosexuality adds anything to our understanding of the Trump-Putin dynamic. I'm no psycholgist, but I dont think it's diagnostic of the Occupier's psychopathology, and will, in fact, provide easy grist for those who seek to demean psychologists in the Duty to Warn movement.
Narcissism and a perception of being the sort of "strong man" he seeks to associate with are just as powerful motivators as any sexual component, and Putin's cultivation techniques are too sophisticated to be derided as boiling down to Putin being bait in his own honey trap for Trump.

I might also add, that psychologically he may be more motivated by seeking his daddy’s love and respect. Putin and the other dictators he loves are very much cut out of the same cloth as don the con’s dad.


I think people are “reading” you just fine. I think your defensiveness is keeping you from looking carefully at what your critics are saying, especially what the gay folks on the site are trying to tell you. 
You’re not the actual expert on homophobia here.

This diary is ridiculous. There are other more reasonable explanations for Trump being loyal to Putin which have nothing to do with sexuality. Additionally, even we could prove there was an attraction, it’s a moot point. How would knowing that be useful for achieving tactical or strategic goals?

Hal Brown could be repressing negative feelings towards gay men. Is so this would explain a lot.

Doesn’t appear to be repressing them very well. :-/

Ironic, isn’t it? If you believe what he says, then the diary is himself looking in the mirror.
This diary is offensive on its face.

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I didn't read this but I think it's stupid.  The idea that you have to read something to know it's stupid is popular among the writers of stupid stuff who demand attention.

This diary is both stupid and offensive. It’s crap like this that gives the left a bad name.

Somebody has to say it — Hal, so what?
There’s no way to test it.
There’s no way to make use of it politically that I can see.
It’s certainly not a new thesis.
It doesn’t help us in dealing with the man.

If it needles Trump, I’m all for it. Every time he uses “Pocahontas” as a racial slur, someone could respond with the Washington Post gif.

I suspect we could get better results by snickering loudly, whatever he says.

I think the TBB (Trump Baby Blimp) is the best way to go.
We need to get it shipped over to the US, and parade it at rallies around the country.
All with the correct permits, of course...

Maybe we could just fill one of the Chinese Trump chickens with helium?

I think the TBB trolls him better.
The reason for the outrage this morning, I think????

Which outrage would that be? I’ve lost count.

Trump’s hating on Germany…
I think the thought of the TBB flying outside might be getting to him.

As Bob Newhart said on his show when the adopted son of Larry, Darryl, and Darryl ran away: “I can think of a lot of reasons you would want to run away from there. Which one did you pick?”

If it needles tRUmp while dissing the LGBTQ community by association, is it worth it?
if someone depicted tRUmp in a grass skirt with a bone through his nose, would it be funny?
Anyway, he doesn’t read. 

It doesn’t dis the LGBT community, other than inferring Dump is a member, which he isn’t. He doesn’t have to read to see the WashPo gif—though I wouldn’t use that one myself, unless it had the gray bar through the middle.

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Well, the human mind works first and foremost by association, right alongside or underneath the “logical: content of a statement. Especially where symbols and visual representations are involved.  But others have stated this in the comments better than I could.

I would say, making anyone imagine Trump naked is a crime against humanity. 
For actually seeing Trump naked, Stormy Daniels deserves a purple heart.

If it needles tRUmp while dissing the LGBTQ community by association, is it worth it?
Your question was answered in the tip jar.

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Applying Occam’s Razor here.  Methinks the simplest explanation is the one many people have suggested — Pootie-Poo has the goods on Drumpf that he can use as leverage.

I don’t think it is meant to be 100% serious. More on the lines of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal.
Or rather, a case of “just throwing this out there . . .”

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Read the comments...

This is probably better suited to The Onion than DailyKos. Perhaps repost it there?


No, The Onion publishes pieces which are funny.

What we know is that heterosexual men like Trump are greedy, abusive, bullying, manipulative, narcissists who enjoy the company of other heterosexual men who are greedier, more abusive, more narcissistic, more manipulative, assassins so they can share notes about how to be the epitome of women-hating and human-hating heterosexuality to the envy of other heterosexual men.
Your diary feels like speculating that men who gang rape and beat up women aren’t just rotten evil heterosexuals, but really super rotten closeted homosexuals, because they are so evilly heterosexual.   
Trump and Putin are heterosexuals, like you.  You own them, you explain them, and leave us out of it.  Sometimes heterosexual men are just rotten and evil men, because of, or irrespective to, their impulses to engage in sex with women.

A little wisdom, I believe, from AlAnon: trying to “figure out” a person who is off the rails just drags the thinker into the craziness. (Or as Nietzsche put it, “the abyss also gazes into you.”)
The only thing we control is our own choices, to limit the damage, to stop it.
Speculation about the abuser’s subjecive, unconscious reality is of no use. One could equally speculate that Putin has assumed the place of tRUmp’s own abusive father. This also would make no difference, even if it were true. Or more simply, that birds of a feather flock together. 
In addition I am made quite uncomfortable by the implication that same-sex attraction somehow would explain this latest iteration in a lifelong, complex pattern of mendacious, self-centered, racist, misogynistic, grandiose, vindictive behavior, now reaching a culmination in dictatorial ambitions and betrayal of his country. It is too much like the stereotypes of old, which assumed there was something innately criminal about same-sex attraction. 
I’ve reccd some of your work enthusiastically in the past; this isn’t up to to scratch IMO. 

In thinking further about this, I believe that one sentence of my last graf could be edited for maximum precision:
“stereotypes of old, which assumed there was some innate association to be found between same-sex attraction and criminal behavior.” 

Why are people always trying to turn evil individuals into repressed homosexuals? Sometimes awful people are just awful and not battling secret homosexual urges. This diary is silly.
Frankly—and I feel confident that I speak on behalf of the majority of gays—we don’t plan to claim him. He’s all yours.

We don’t want him either, but you are right.
I don’t believe he’s a repressed Homosexual, nothing is in that for him, so it would not be worth his effort.
Trump loves only one person, himself.

You’re right. I didn’t read the piece. I didn’t need to read it to understand that it is completely ridiculous and that even if the premise is true, it is of no use to us.

Maybe the problem isn’t with the people reading the diary. Getting this level of criticism might cause some people to step back and rethink things, but apparently the real problem is that people aren’t reading carefully enough to appreciate your brilliant analysis. Your diary isn’t that complicated, dude. I did read it fully, btw.

I read the whole thing, and it’s homophobic for reasons you seem incapable of understanding. It’s not one single passage, it’s the content taken as a whole. The reason is that you’re generally using homosexuality as a rhetorical cudgel against Trump and his supporters, and no matter how humorous you seem to find it or how much you try to obfuscate that point with how you “address” them in the text, that simply isn’t funny or welcome to most queer people and their allies.
When you write something that is universally panned, the problem is not typically that the audience misunderstands you, but that you misunderstand the audience.

Ding ding ding!
The reason is that you’re generally using homosexuality as a rhetorical cudgel against Trump and his supporters
I think everybody knows that there are some people on the other side of the aisle with repressed urges that become virulent homophobes. But the seemingly constant desire of some straight liberals to use repressed homosexuality as a rhetorical weapon against right-wing enemies gets really old. If gay people want to have this conversation, that’s one thing, but straight people need to knock that shit off.
Especially in this case, when there are soooooooo many other obvious explanations.

Any asshole can vote in a dKos poll.
Congratulations, you’ve been trolled.

To me, the poll seems widely divergent.

Most of the critical comments are by readers who admit they didn’t read it in its entirety. 
This is a lie.


Say what you want, argue all you want about the diary...I offer no opinions on it.  However, anyone hiding this comment has no grounds, Hal is explaining his thoughts and breaking no rules doing so.  DBAD applies here to anyone wanting to hide, IMHO.  So that is reason for my uprate.  We can be adults here.  

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People are missing the point. So many male rabid homophobes turn out to have affairs with men on the side . . . Stereotypes exist because they are based on facts.
In Trump’s case, I doubt the pussy-grabber has many homoerotic urges, not ever for the 9s and 10s. Putin just represents what Dump would like to become.
Mike Pence though . . . have you seen the way he stares lovingly at the back of The Donald’s head? As if he would like to run his fingers through that long, beautiful haarr . . . What would Mother think?

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Stereotypes exist because they are based on facts.

As an LGBT person, I'm very grateful for your insights. Trump is acting very strange around the hyper masculine Putin. While Trump might be fawning over Putin because he's subject to blackmail, it's also possible Trump finds Putin to be hot. That, obviously, makes Trump vulnerable, and easier to manipulate. We live in bizarre times! A President of the USA has a "relationship" with the former head of the KGB. Life is truly stranger than fiction!

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A narcissist like Trump only loves one person, himself. 
There is no room for him to love anyone else.

So if you have had dreams with homosexual themes, did the presumptive underlying state of affairs cause you to fall in love with Putin? Or any other fellow? 
Did it lead you to have compulsive affairs with women and enter into elaborate arrangements to keep them from talking?

You do realize that while comments are restricted to members of the site, the polls are not?
Trying to use polling/comment discrepancies on DK as data is generally not a good idea.

Plus, there isn’t even one option for a straight “I disagree.” Hard to match polling data when there are no legitimate negatives.

The last graf of the diary itself actually states my reaction pretty well.
This is all speculation about an individual’s inner and not even conscious reality, with other perfectly reasonable explanations equally available.
Of all things in the world, “unconscious motivations” have got to be the most slippery, subject to mistaken pattern identification and the observer’s own unconscious biases.  
No firm conclusion can be reached, no action taken. 
So what is the compelling power of this particular speculation, to motivate a whole diary? A diary that, as well, predictably causes offense? 
One might as well speculate that he has victimized so many women because of that Freudian projection, “women’s innate masochism.” 

This has got to be the nuttiest thing I’ve read all day.

I think Trump’s description of German energy supply still manages to top it.

I managed to avoid that, thank God.

Speaking of projection, tRUmp claimed Germany was “totally controlled” by Russia.

And Merkel ripped him a new one for it.  She grew up in East Germany during the Soviet Days and will have none of it.

Just because: Alternate possibilities for speculative Trump diaries.
Trump could have been dropped on his head as a child. If so, this would explain a lot.
Trump may have a mild allergic reaction to Diet Coke. If so, this would explain a lot.
Add your own possible thought experiments to the list. ;)


Trump may actually be a marmoset in a human costume. If so, that would explain a lot, and not be homophobic, unlike this ridiculous, unfounded diary.

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I’m pretty sure tRump prefers sex with himself. He would have done the rest of humanity a favor if he had kept to his preference exclusively.

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Oh sure. RT is a propaganda arm of the Russian state. They promote all kinds of crazy theories in the hope that American Progressives will fall for them and fracture the Party or make themselves look foolish.
And ya fell for it.

Absolutely, RT is pure propaganda. For the background on that, Malcolm Nance’s Plot To Destroy Democracy — recommeded, BTW, I am reading it now.

Don’t have to see it to know the NYT must have been off the rails itself. 
Somebody there needs to take a break.

Any NYT editor who thought it was smart to post a GIF of persons having sex, period, has lost their perspective.
The paper is a terribly mixed bag; still doing some essential reporting. 

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From a gay man who has researched homosexual behavior for both my Masters and Doctorate degrees I have to say you sir, are an asshole.
You mix Freudian nonsense with a little, (And in this case a little knowledge does not go a long way) of psychology to produce this crap.
Please use DOCUMENTED research not tossing terms such as “unconscious” around with personal anecdotes and expect to be given anything but the little respect you have gotten.
Sorry for the personal attack, and if I am given a TO so much so.

Thank you. More of this please.

I’d have recc’d you, man, if you hadn’t included the “asshole” part. I understand the sentiment and share it, but we’re not allowed to insult other users on DK.

same here. Not sure whats more grating — diarist’s asshole diary, or his infuriating claims that we homos haven’t read his diary.

The premise of this piece was both objectionable and a useless dead-end, so I didn’t bother to read it. My comment only has to do with your conduct in the comment threads, where you solidly come across as an arrogant condescending heterosplainer, and your assumption that anyone who disagrees with you didn’t read your piece carefully enough smacks of projection on the part of someone who doesn’t pay any attention to the words or thoughts of anyone besides himself.

This is why I avoid remote psychologists.
You went from an emergency psychiatric diagnosis of unfitness to be president to dragging in your fantasy of his hypothetical latent homosexuality and suggesting that it is a significant issue?

July 10, 2018

I figured many people will be writing about how the five Catholic males on the Surpreme Court will soon be asserting their dominion over the uteruses of American women so I wrote about something non-political today.

The Devil made me do this:

July 9, 2018 

Take Note:

The Secrets of Leonard Leo, the Man Behind Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

A Catholic fundamentalist who controls a network of right-wing groups funded by dark money has put three justices on the court. He’s about to get a fourth.

July 8, 2018 - Today's Tweet

Today on Daily Kos: Pompeo has a case of Trumpian malignant narcisism and his response to N. Korea proves it 

July 7, 2018
I hadn't seen this photo before. It ended up on Snopes as a fact check.
How many times can the creepiness of the Trump family seriously shock us? I mean…Trump has stated that he would date his own daughter, asked strangers if they thought she was hot, told a live morning show crowd the thing he had most in common with her was sex and groped her live on stage at the Republican National Convention. What could be worse than that?
The answer is, of course, the pictures. It seems that Donald’s creepy obsession with Ivanka Trump began when she was very young. It’s just…disturbing. Surely you’ve seen them and surely they’re emblazoned on your mind. The latest to emerge, however, could be the worst yet, because it’s Ivanka who seems to be the one truly enjoying herself … a little too much. Could it be she did all she could to keep Lord Cheeto happy to avoid severe consequences? Who knows. All I know is that this looks way too much like a girl grinding on her boyfriend’s lap.
Although this photograph is genuine, it is not in itself evidence of some form of improper relationship between Donald Trump and his daughter. While some may view this image as evidence that Trump has a “creepy obsession” with Ivanka, others see it simply as a picture of a father and his teenaged daughter enjoying a concert together.
We could say it is a companion photo to this one:

July 6, 2018

Portland filmmaker’s video of migrant kids in court goes viral

July 5, 2018 
the Daily Kos story

July 4, 2018

July 3, 2018

July 2, 2018 This article was recommended and got many comments.

July 1, 2018

A personal note: I am trying to take a break from anxiety producing Trump news and I have turned off MSNBC and instead have tuned into the channels on my XFinity (900 and up) playing music. Instead of looking at websites about politics I am finding other websites of interest to me. For example (it took me over an hour to put this together) but you may like some of these too.
Science News | Psychology TodayAstronomy | Bad Astronomy |SyFi WirePopular Mechanics |Scientific American |Popular Science | STAT News | Entertainment Weekly | Rotten Tomatoes |TV Guide |Architectual Digest | Travel and LeisureNational Geographic | HistoryNet | Fine GardeningPeople Magazine | Perez Hilton Celebrity Gossip | Popular Photography |Outdoor PhotoprapherPC Magazine (computers) | Mac World | The Best Online Literary Magazines | 12 Online Lit Mags You Should Definitely Read | Art News | Mad Magazine | Modern Dog | Modern Cat | Project Guttenberg has 57,000 book you can read for free.

My Daily Kos story 

Democrats don't want to protect you from brown-skinned children and their families fleeing violence - Zero Tolerance = Maximum Intolerance

Reports about the Saturday protests in Portland which became violent:
Rawstory | Oregonian | HuffPost | Willamette Week

Something horrible almost happened in Alabama yesterday. It's only a matter of time before blood is spilled.

Frank Bruni, New York Times:

In his heart of hearts, he doesn’t give a damn about rolling back abortion rights. Any sane analysis of his background and sober read of his character leads to that conclusion. Yet this man of all men — a misogynist, a philanderer, a grabber-by-the-you-know-what — may be the end of Roe v. Wade. Time to spring into action, Ivanka! I type that in jest, knowing that my keystrokes are in vain. 
So many of Trump’s positions, not just on abortion but also on a whole lot else, were embraced late in the game, as matters of political convenience. They were his clearest path to power. Then they were his crudest way to flex it. 
Now they’re his crassest way to hold on to it. He will almost certainly move to replace Kennedy with a deeply, unswervingly conservative jurist not because that’s consistent with his own core (what core?) but because it’s catnip to the elements of his base that got him this far and could carry him farther. 
Never mind how much it exacerbates this country’s already crippling political polarization. Never mind how much fear it sows in many women, in many people of color and in many L.G.B.T. Americans, all of whom could see rights that they fought so long and hard for snatched away. Never mind that this is a moment, if ever there was one, to set a bipartisan example and apply a healing touch.Trump will gladly cleave the country in two before he’ll dim the applause of his most ardent acolytes. What puffs him up takes precedence over what drags us down.

Melania Trump Reveals Clothes Hidden Messages on Late Show | Time - watch the video here

Melania Trump’s controversial decision to wear a Zara jacket emblazoned with the words, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” as she boarded her plane to Texas captured the attention of the nation, with many critiquing her for being “tone deaf” to the real-life consequences of the political policies of her husband’s administration.

This isn’t the first time that Melania’s fashion choices have stirred up controversy, and Stephen Colbert thinks that’s no coincidence. In a segment on his show on Tuesday, Colbert interviewed “FLOTUS” as portrayed by Laura Benanti, during which “Melania” denied that her jacket intentionally sent a “callous message,” while wearing a t-shirt that read “Believe My Clothing” and a “F the Kids” baseball cap.

Watch the video:

“I’m starting to think your clothes are a purposeful distraction from the heartbreaking images we’ve seen from the detention centers,” Colbert said before fake Melania showed him a spangled scarf that read “Murder All the Penguins” that she planned to sport to the next global warming summit.

To really drive the message home, fake Melania showed off a new jacket which read: “How Many More Monstrous Acts Do I Have to Support Before People Finally Start Seeing Me as Complicit In All This?”


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