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May 15, 2018

May 15-16, 2018

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'These Aren’t People — They're Animals': Trump Unleashes Racist Anti-Immigrant Rant During Meeting on Sanctuary Cities - watch horrifying video

By the end of the day, we’ll learn what the 2,500 pages reveal from journalists and no doubt the staff of all the MSNBC shows will be hard at work all day leading up to major coverage in the evening block. Meanwhile, RawStory’s Brad Reed brings us 5 burning questions raised by the release of the Senate’s Trump Tower transcripts and elaborates on each one.
1.) Why did publicist Rob Goldstone try to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin just one month after he launched his presidential bid?
2.) What is the meaning of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s cryptic notes?
3.) Who was the person behind the “blocked number” who talked with Trump Jr.?
4.) How can Trump Jr. possibly claim he doesn’t remember ever talking about the Russia probe with his own father?
5.) Did former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci seek permission to reach out to Rob Goldstone even after revelations came out that he’d set up the Trump Tower meeting? And if so, from whom?

↬Quote Without Comment↯
In a statement carried by the North Korean news agency, obviously with Kim Jong Un’s approval, the first vice-minister of foreign affairs, Kim Kye Gwan feigned something close to heartbreak on hearing such “unbridled remarks” being “recklessly made” in the United States, and singled out Bolton in particular: “We do not hide our feeling of repugnance toward him.” Daily Beast article

Tuesday, May 15, 2016

Breaking News could lead to end of Tump - Kim summit

Noteworthy Quote:

"Yet when Macron, Merkel and Johnson traveled to Washington in the days and weeks before Trump’s announcement, all came away with the feeling Trump had not read the five-page document they had prepared and perhaps was even unaware of the effort." Washington Post

The most famous pro-Trump artist in the U.S. has moved into his ‘Mueller’ phase. WaPo

Jon McNaughton with his latest work, “Expose the Truth”
  showing Trump strnagling Mueller. 
"You are not forgotten" shows Trump the hero of the comman man
with his foot on a snake. 
During the campaign, Trump repeatedly read a poem at his rallies called "The Snake." He used the image of the snake as a metaphor for the supposed danger that refugees posed to the United States, despite little evidence to back up this fear-mongering. Many pointed out at the time and this dehumanizing rhetoric was disgraceful and dangerous, as it unnecessarily stokes fears about foreigners and can serve to justify hate crimes.
Jon McNaughton did not intend to become the country’s most famous pro-Trump, mass-market painter of the 21st century. But then, to achieve such an identity does require a modicum of cultivation; it does not happen overnight. 

In 2008, the Utah artist was selling landscapes out of a gallery in a shopping mall. Then the presidential election happened and McNaughton, who didn’t like John McCain or Barack Obama, was struck with inspiration. The result, “One Nation Under God,” was a massive canvas featuring Jesus Christ holding a copy of the Constitution, surrounded by Davy Crockett, Ronald Reagan and 61 other historical figures dismayed by the direction of the country (Satan, also in the painting, was pleased). It wasn’t particularly subtle, but something about the work spoke to people and a new creative doorway was opened.

You might have seen, for example, “The Forgotten Man,” in which Obama ignores a weeping citizen on a park bench while the Founding Fathers implore him to pay attention. Or, “The Demise of America,” in which he fiddles while the U.S. Capitol burns. Or, “One Nation Under Socialism,” in which he has lit the Constitution on fire.
After the 2016 election, McNaughton’s paintings gained a hero in Donald Trump instead of just a villain in Obama: a sequel to “The Forgotten Man,” “You are Not Forgotten,” features the same weeping citizen, now planting a tree as Trump looks on benevolently. 

Yes. McNaughton is that guy.  CONTINUED

It's perhaps not surprising to know that coastal critics don't believe in McNaughton's work. New York magazine's Jerry Saltz has called it "visually dead as a doornail." Stephen Colbert once did a whole segment lampooning the obvious metaphors in the painting: "Barack Obama represents President Obama," Colbert deadpanned. "The burning Constitution represents a Constitution that is on fire."

What isn’t entirely clear is whether McNaughton believed in it himself. The Trump world is populated by disciples — Michael Cohen, Diamond & Silk — whose ideology can seem both deeply felt as well as performative and opportunistic.

McNaughton’s art shapes perceptions of the president. It stokes anger in Trump’s supporters. But had McNaughton himself jumped on the Trump Train, or had he merely set up a lemonade stand at the station?

⇴⇴⇴We may never know whether this was planned in advance or Trump looked out when he asked members of a fallen NYC female cop to stand up and saw they were black. In either case it gave him a chance to say "come on down" and have them on the stage, including the 91 year old grandmother.
He once again demonstated his trademarked deep abing empthy.

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Back, May 13-14, 2018

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