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April 12, 2018

April 1213, 2018

April 13, 2018
I continue my run of thinking of something to post on Daily Kos every day except one for over a month. As usual, I ask you to register there and recommend all my articles, even the lackluster ones, and to make comments. Generally, I have no idea of what to write about when I wake up. I attempt to write something everyone else isn't weighing in on hoping that the editors at Kos recommend my story. There doesn't seem to be anything new to say about Trump's deteriorating mental health. It seems that duty to warn, small letters or caps, has succeeded in getting the message across that Trump is indeed a dangerous case, no matter whether we want to get into the weeds of psychiatric definitions and jargon. If Trump shows florid psychotic symptoms I expect the luminaries, the go-to shrinks, will be explaining for the lay public why at long last the 25th Amendment must be invoked.

New York Post's benign cover vs. The Daily News' brilliant pea brain Trump PEE BRAIN cover (Comments on Daily Kos)

Tuesday covers seen on newsstands through metro-NYC

I don’t know whether Trump actually reads a newspaper which is printed on paper. If he did, it would be the Murdoch owned New York Post. Today’s cover is benign, even somewhat complementary since there’s a certain panache to being a Mafia don.


In contrast to the New York Daily News, which is harshly critical of the president and is known for its Trump mocking front pages, often depicting him as a clown during the primary (see gallery from 1990 to present), the Post leans to the right and has supported the presidency of Donald Trump.
Trump hates the New York Daily News, and he particularly hates their covers as he knows full-well how many people see them, see for example, Trump Goes After NY Daily News After ‘Dawn Of The Brain Dead’ Cover (left).
However, unlike Murdoch owned Fox News, the Post does not make up news and they clearly label their opinion pieces. 
As New York City’s ubiquitous tabloids, the Post and the News compete for readership side-by-side every morning on newsstands throughout the city. The tabloids are popular among commuters because they are easier to handle on the subway than full-page papers like the other primary NYC papers, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal (another Murdoch owned paper). My hunch is that there is overlap in readership and that each paper can attract buyers simply by their covers.

The post is giving substantial coverage to the Comey story. This is what they covered today:
My impression is that Trump is disinclined to read anything during his pre-twitterbation morning executive time when he is transfixed by the rogue's gallery appearing on Fox and Friends who enable him to be president without actually pondering the ramifications of his decisions.
If he reads one newspaper it is the Post. However, it is possible he also asks to be provided with a copy of the News, if only because he still has the Manhattanite in him. 

I hope he got today’s Daily News. 



Fox News calls it a BLOOD FEUD, headlines typical trumpedential  (the new antonym of presidential) pejorative "SLIME BALL"

April 12, 2018
I can't figure out why HuffPost used sliced lemons as a background on their top of the page story:

Quotes from Duty to Warn founder John Gartner:

Trigger-Happy Trump and Syria: “The Worst Case Scenario Is Now Our Reality.”

Comments on Daily Kos

Russian RT quotes former UK MP calling Trump a manchild, questions sanity, suggests 25th Amendment

The real story isn’t what Galloway said in the interview as he isn't a well-known world figure outside of the U.K.  It’s that RT decided to publish an interview someone with such a critical view of Trump who questions Trump’s mental capacity and calls for him to removed under the 25th Amendment.
“First of all the tweets from President Trump is undoubtedly the most disturbing statement ever made by any US president and calls into question the very sanity of the person issued it,” Galloway said.
“The world is watching on in horror even in the countries Britain and France that have already indicated they wish to join the putative American strike against Syria. We are on the point of what could develop into World War Three due to the unhinged, juvenile actions of a manchild.”
Galloway went on to urge Washington officials to take matters into their own hands and impeach the out-of-control president.
“I believe that the US cabinet, which has the power to do so under the 25th amendment to the US constitution, must now declare that the author of that tweet is no longer fit to discharge their duties and should be removed from office.”
It’s also important to consider how RT framed Galloway’s comments and the use of the word “alarming” and “threatening.”
Former MP George Galloway has called on the US cabinet to impeach Donald Trump, labeling him a “man child” and questioning the American president’s sanity after he promised to launch “smart” missiles at Syria.

Trump’s alarming tweets were followed shortly after by the Pentagon issuing a statement in which it said it "does not comment on potential future military actions" and referring questions about the tweet to the White House.
One hour after the threatening tweet, Trump shared a softer message about Russia. According to the POTUS, the fraught relationship between the US and Russia need not be that way.
When Russian state-run  media quotes a Brit calling Trump a manchild, questions Trump's sanity, and calls for him to be removed under the 25th Amendment it is news.
As far as I can tell with a Google News search, this hasn't been covered anywhere except on RT which is why I wanted to put it on Daily Kos.

No doubt this will be in  the news today:

Trump fathered a child with an employee — according to ex-doorman paid off by National Enquirer: report

Excerpt: President Donald Trump may have fathered a child with an employee and then paid to keep the situation under wraps, according to newly revealed documents.

The Associated Press confirmed the National Enquirer paid $30,000 to a former doorman at Trump World Tower in exchange with the perpetual rights to a story he’d heard about the child.
The payment came eight months before the tabloid paid $150,000 to former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, and it raises new questions about how the National Enquirer and attorney Michael Cohen fought to protect Trump’s reputation during the 2016 presidential campaign.
The tabloid’s deal with ex-doorman Dino Sajudin effectively prohibited him from going public with rumors he had heard about Trump’s relationship with a woman who worked at the Trump Organization property near the United Nations.
The contract subjected Sajudin to a $1 million penalty if he revealed the rumor or terms of the hush agreement to anyone.

From Digby: "I'm hard-pressed to see how more death in Syria will amount to anything positive. So I can only wish Trump luck in beating back his worst instincts, and Bolton's advice, even if it is only because the president is terrified of whatever Putin might reveal about him. Creating some space for diplomacy or even just a pause in an unstable situation is better than thoughtless escalation. It's hard to believe, but this is one time when Trump's personal corruption may end up being a small service to mankind." Heather "Digby" Parton in:  

Trump, Bolton and the looming threat of war with Russia: Could the president’s corruption save us?

Torn between BFF Vladimir Putin and his war-mongering new adviser, Trump faces a fateful choice — on Twitter

Tidbit: Trump is the only president to have a Wikipedia page suggestive of having a mental disorder: 
LINK above

Donald Trump masqueraded as publicist to brag about himself (WaPo May 13, 2016)


The voice is instantly familiar; the tone, confident, even cocky; the cadence, distinctly Trumpian. The man on the phone vigorously defending Donald Trump says he’s a media spokesman named John Miller, but then he says, “I’m sort of new here,” and “I’m somebody that he knows and I think somebody that he trusts and likes” and even “I’m going to do this a little, part time, and then, yeah, go on with my life.” 

A recording obtained by The Washington Post captures what New York reporters and editors who covered Trump’s early career experienced in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s: calls from Trump’s Manhattan office that resulted in conversations with “John Miller” or “John Barron” — public-relations men who sound precisely like Trump himself — who indeed are Trump, masquerading as an unusually helpful and boastful advocate for himself, according to the journalists and several of Trump’s top aides.

In 1991, Sue Carswell, a reporter at People magazine, called Trump’s office seeking an interview with the developer. She had just been assigned to cover the soap opera surrounding the end of Trump’s 12-year marriage to Ivana, his budding relationship with the model Marla Maples and his rumored affairs with any number of celebrities who regularly appeared on the gossip pages of the New York newspapers.

Within five minutes, Carswell got a return call from Trump’s publicist, a man named John Miller, who immediately jumped into a startlingly frank and detailed explanation of why Trump dumped Maples for the Italian model Carla Bruni. “He really didn’t want to make a commitment,” Miller said. “He’s coming out of a marriage, and he’s starting to do tremendously well financially.”

Miller turned out to be a remarkably forthcoming source — a spokesman with rare insight into the private thoughts and feelings of his client. “Have you met him?” Miller asked the reporter. “He’s a good guy, and he’s not going to hurt anybody. . . . He treated his wife well and . . . he will treat Marla well.”  CONTINUED

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