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January 20, 2018


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Jan. 24, 2018
Breaking:About Dr. Nassar scandal [ story below ]

Breaking: 3:00 PM PST, 6:00 PM EST 
Trump's narcissism may bring him down...
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My first thought this morning was: "If I can't have my binky racist wall, you can't have your DACA, Wah, Wah, Wah!" Trump Tantrum

Decades later, illogical as it is, I feel Michigan State has tarnished my degrees (Also on Daily Kos)

When I went to Michigan State in 1961 none of my friends knew that there were two major universities in the state, the elite University of Michigan (the “Harvard of the Midwest”) and the land-grant university, Michigan State. Michigan State, I discovered, was considered a “cow college” by the really smart kids at UofM who referred to Harvard as the University of Michigan of the east.
Then in 1965 and 1966 we won the Big Ten, Rose Bowl, and were national champion under Coach Duffy Daughterty. Everyone knew who Bubba Smith was, and I could go home and brag I saw him holding court in the student union grill and knew a girl who dated him.
Everyone knew that MSU and UofM were different schools. On school vacations I could tell my friends about the team members I knew because they lived in my dorm. I cheered at games that were televised on national television. 
In 2012 during the height of the Sandusky sex scandal, I went to have a squamous cell carcinoma removed with MOS surgery by a dermatology surgeon. Noting she was a University of Pennsylvania graduate, I asked her whether some of her patients didn’t realize that there were two major state universities in Pennsylvania and were asking her about how she felt about the Penn State scandal.
She said that indeed this happened almost every day and that she was glad her college’s reputation wasn’t being sullied by an athletic sex scandal. 
Of course, my BA in psychology and MSW clinical social work degree aren’t diminished by the current scandal. However, I am still embarrassed by what is now being reported as a cover-up by university officials. 
I am not about to wear my y Michigan State hat around here anytime soon.



Jan. 23, 2018
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"Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff is making the TV talk show rounds, as if he needs to gin up sales of his book. He's found a new focus now that Stormy Daniels has reopened the door to Trump's sexual proclivities. He's hinting about Trump currently having an affair. Talking to Trevor Noah last night he did have an interesting comment which perhaps will lead to "baldgate" replacing "fatgate" as the latest meme. Excerpt from Daily Beast:

“You’re really good at selling the book, man,” Noah finally said, before ending the interview. 

Earlier in their talk, as hosts like Stephen Colbert have done before him, Noah questioned Wolff’s journalistic standards. “What do you intend the book to be?” he asked. “Is this a journalistic foray into the White House or just a salacious account of the juicy tidbits of the inner workings of what’s going on?” 

Wolff said he thinks “those are the same thing in this instance,” explaining that what he saw and heard while hanging around the West Wing was “flabbergasting.” He called Trump and his team the “greatest bunch of knuckleheads I think that have ever been assembled in one place.” 

The author’s biggest takeaway about Trump one year into his presidency? “He’s stupid.” When the applause for that line died down, Wolff added, “He’s also bald.”

Jan. 22, 2018

Trump's troubling behavior raises questions his medical exam didn't answer USA Today

This new Trump book could do even more damage than Michael Wolff’s. Here’s why. (Washington Post) Scroll down or click here for my Daily Kos article.
"“Madness” is a concept like “indecency”
 that can be shrugged away as imprecise 
or beyond definition.  But the issue of indecency
 is precisely the issue that defines the insanity
 of Trump.  He is driven to make things as
 pointlessly disgusting and as needlessly
 horrible as possible — disgusting to the
 point where most normal people feel
 sick to their stomachs — and to do it f
or ever-higher stakes."

The author of this one is Fox News Channel media critic Howard Kurtz, a former longtime reporter at The Washington Post. And as The Post's Ashley Parker writes, his book — “Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War Over the Truth” — confirms and expands upon media accounts of the chaos happening behind the scenes at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Among the juiciest anecdotes:

  • Trump has a tendency to do whatever his advisers most strongly advise him against, and they even have a term for such behavior: his “defiance disorder.”
  • He, out of nowhere, tweeted his decision to ban transgender people from the military before a scheduled meeting with then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to discuss his options on the matter. “Oh my God, he just tweeted this,” Priebus reportedly said.
  • His aides were similarly blindsided by his accusation, also via Twitter, that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump during the presidential campaign.
  • Trump was strongly advised not to dispatch then-press secretary Sean Spicer to dispute stories about Trump's inaugural crowd size and later admitted, “I shouldn’t have done that.”
It also remains to be seen just how many anecdotes like the ones above are in the book. I am somewhat skeptical that the full product will be anything amounting to a screed against the Trump White House; it seems more likely to dwell on his relationship with the media.

But what is described above is a president who is acting haphazardly and without the guidance of his aides, making major allegations and policy decisions on whims and — in the case of the inaugural crowd episode — deliberately pushing false narratives despite apparently knowing better. The juiciest bit so far appears to be “defiance disorder, "a term that could only arise out of repeated instances of Trump being perceived as acting not in the interest of the country but in the interest of defying those around him and trying to prove that he's smarter — or that he can get away with things they say he can't.

That's a hell of a way to do business. And the fact that it's how Trump is described by an oft-sympathetic Fox News host makes it ring even truer.

Heather “Digby” Parton’s article is titled “Do Trump and the GOP really want a DACA deal? We already know the answer.” The subtitle is “Advisers like Stephen Miller and Tom Cotton are feeding Trump’s racism, because they know what’s in his heart.”
The gist of her article is summed up in the subtitle, which I think should be the title because it defines Trump as a person. It also speaks to the racism of those who have had his ear since the primaries began.   When you have to look at the individuals he is influenced by and ask which ones have malodorous impossible to hide racism, and which ones can mask it by a generous application of denial deodorant it is a despairing commentary on our country.
I have nothing to add because ”Digby” sums it up in her closing paragraphs:
Yes, he's hedged on the Dreamers from time to time. But seriously, all you have to do is look at his rhetoric from the moment he announced his candidacy to understand what he really, deep down, wants to do. It was the central promise of his presidential campaign from day one.
So yes, I think it's probably true that as president he's being manipulated in the negotiations by the odious Stephen Miller and probably by Kelly and Sessions too. They know what buttons he really likes pushed. And some ambitious Republican hardliners like Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and members of the ever-cunning House Freedom Caucus are riding the Trump zeitgeist as well.
But let's not pretend it's all Trump and his courtiers. The Republican majority in Congress has been playing Russian roulette with the Dreamers for years now. They have blocked every single solution to the problem, and it's irrational at this point to believe they are acting in good faith.   Salon link
Malignant narcissists, whether they are racists or not, do not have heart, because heart is the same as empathy. Malignant narcissists are incapable of empathy.
 “For much of his presidency, Donald Trump promised he’d treat Dreamers “with heart,” showing an unusual level of sympathy for someone whose hard-line immigration stance was the hallmark of his campaign.
"I have a love for these people," Trump said in September. from Politico
When Trump says heart, he is mouthing words the meaning of which he has no grasp of.
Then at the very bottom of the page you can  click a link
and read brief profiles of all 270 people on the list.

Jan. 21, 2018

"She’s a soft-spoken psychiatrist being threatened with violence by Trump supporters for speaking the truth," by Hal Brown in Daily Kos

Sometimes it pays not to be a well-known Ivy League shrink. I merely went to Michigan State, got a BA in psychology and an MSW with a clinical emphasis. I never published beyond my own blog and Daily Kos. 

The reports that one of the most visible mental health professionals sounding the alarm about Trump’s dangerous mental instability which he has shown, psychologically and cognitively, is getting death threats, thousands of them, is cause for critical pressing concern. They lift the lid off the seething cauldron of hate that Trump has engendered.

The reaction that Bandy Lee, MD, a Yale forensic psychiatrist and the editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump demonstrates the - to put it mildly- incivility which Trump has enabled. Incivility, you say? This is the first president who actually encouraged violent acting out during a primary.

Read: "Yale psychiatrist get death threats after claiming Trump poses a danger to the country," published in her hometown newspaper the New Haven Register.
Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist has received thousands of death threats since she began publicly calling President Donald Trump a danger to the country, she said recently.
Dr. Bandy X. Lee, an “internationally recognized expert on violence,” according to her Yale University profile, said she has received the threats by email, phone and “mostly by Twitter,” though they have “calmed down a little bit,” she said. “I was concerned because I was getting a thousand threatening messages a day at one point,” Lee said.
She (Bandy Lee, MD) briefed about a dozen members of Congress in early December and had dinner with several House Democrats on Jan. 10 at the Washington home of Connecticut U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3.
DeLauro spokesman Will Serio said her office would not comment on the dinner but said U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, had canceled a planned town hallmeeting with Lee. The Washington Post reported Raskin’s spokeswoman said Lee’s participation was canceled due to threats against Lee.
I know of several other mental health professionals who have gotten emails or Tweets which threatened them which physical harm. 

Most of those who have published articles or been referenced online where comments are allowed have had posters call them quacks and/or threatened to report them for violating the now well-known Goldwater rule. This is expected, it’ par for the course. I have been raked over the coals here on the progressive Daily Kos by a few commenters whenever I wrote about Trump’s mental health.  
However, nobody ever threatened me personally.

A death threat, you might say this is aberrant outrageous, but it is also illegal. If Bandy Lee was under the protection of the Secret Service, whoever made the threat would be investigated without delay.

Trump routinely encouraged violent behavior during his rallies, and a few people actually took this as a license to physically attack ant-Trump protestors. For example:

Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies. His Fans Are Listening.

Here’s how Trump is drawing on insults and brutality to build his brand.

Racial slurs, nasty rhetoric and violence at Trump rallies have become commonplace against protesters, bystanders, and reporters. Assaults are committed not only by rowdy Trump fans, but by the staff he employs to keep the events safe. But rather than denounce these incidents, Trump is making them part of his brand, and uses them to rev up crowds.
“There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience,” Trump warned people at a rally in Iowa last month. “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.” 
Trump has even threatened to personally get in on the action. “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya,” he said of a protester on Feb. 22.
He has also gone far beyond “mere” misogynism to bragging that he physically assaulted women.
Trump’s belittling Tweets against anyone who criticizes him, taken en toto, add up to bullying, and bullying in extremis results in violence. 

The appalling irony of this is that the recipient of this rash of death threats is aimed at a female psychiatrist who is an expert on violence, and something not often noted, but adding to the egregiousness of these threats also has her master’s degree in divinity.

For much more online about psychotherapists warning about Donald Trump in various ways Google Trump with the names Lee, Gartner, Dodes, Francis, Lifton, Gilligan, Zimbardo, Yale Conference, and for a modest few hits, Google me.


RawStory says Alan Francis wrote the book on personality disorders.
Strictly defined, this is not true. See my comment.

  • MY COMMENT and a sample of other comments
    (I have been writing about Trump's psychopathology - sometimes called Trumpology - for over a year, so if you Google my name and the president's you can find me.)
    I agree with most of what Dr. Francis says except that as someone who considers Trump to fit the diagnosis which never made it into a DSM, malignant narcissism. I think a diagnosis is important because it sounds an alarm bell about the possibility the president could decompensate and do irreparable damage before the 25th Amemdment could be initiated.
    AlterNet is not correct on the front page in saying "The president is more "bad than mad," according to the man who wrote the book on personality disorders" because there is simply no one book on personality disorders. There are numerous books on personality disorder. Francis claims credit for writing the criteria forNarcissisticrcissitic Personal Disorder (NPD) in the psychiatric diagnostic manual. Not to get into the finer points of distant, let alone in-person - diagnosis if Trump suffers from malignant narcissistic personality disorder this is exponentially more dangerous than if he had full-fledged NPD.
    It is important to understand that the various editions of the psychiatric manual have added, changed, or eliminated diagnoses since the first edition published after World War II.
    Hal Brown, MSW

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        If he's not crazy as in certifiable he's certainly dancing around the definition of crazy. More important is how his followers justify his crazy public pronouncements and his private behavior. He really is a monster, sort of like Mussolini.
        All of this points to how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton was to lose the election to her. Unfortunately, the Democrats aren't putting up candidates who show much concern for the Democratic base, the working class.

          • Avatar

            Amen. I don't ever want to hear Michael Moore or Bernie Sanders talk about white disenfranchisement ever again. Call it it what it is - bigotry, racism and sexism.

              • Avatar

                This is the time when psychiatry is not needed and inappropriately casts Trumpy in a sympathetic light.
                Trumpy is NOT a terrible person. Trumpy is a TRAITOR who traffics in evil. He's intent on destroying the nation from within. He's a RUSSIAN AGENT. Stop giving Trumpy a pass on his loyalty to Russia, to Putin. He's Putin's agent and, if left to his own devices, he'll allow Putin to make all decisions within the White House.
                Time and again, when Trumpy demonstrates his loyalty to Russia, US politicians and the US media look the other way. They refuse to recognize the obvious. Only on a few occasions did US politicians express the horror of what they know (Remember Feinstein's look of death after a meeting with the US IC? THAT'S how everyone should be reacting.)

                  • Avatar

                    This author is right. Trump supporters get mad when we say Trump must be mentally ill, but that’s actually we are saying “no one can be this horrible and stupid if there’s nothing wrong with his brain” ... so when Trumpsters protest that Trump’s not mentally ill, they’re actually admitting that Trump’s vileness and foolishness are veritable.

                      • Avatar

                        Yep. He suffers thus we suffer from his serious collection of personality disorders, but he understands right from wrong, evil vs good. He's not nuts in the legal definition of the word. It's simply that all his extreme personality disorders all add up to an unstable character that can blow at any moment.

                          • Avatar

                            John Gotti was deemed untouchable and was nicknamed " The Teflon Don "because prosecuters were never able to hold him accountable.
                            Until Mueller sent him to prison for life.

                              • Avatar

                                Former Reagan speechwriter on Trump: "Take Nixon at it's height of paranoia but subject 50 IQ points add Twitter equalsTrump".

                                  • Avatar

                                    Trump is a really horrible person plagued by narcissistic personality disorder, paranoia, and pathological mendacity.

                                      • Avatar

                                        Dr. Allen Frances is right on all accounts: Trump is reprehensible and grotesque. He is the product of a life without CONSEQUENCES, accustomed to INDULGENCE.
                                        Frances is correct when he says Trump is responsible for what he does and calling him "mentally ill" sets a dangerous standard that lets him off the hook for his actions.
                                        Like so many whom the popular voice pronounces as "crazy" or "insane" -- mass shooters and rapists -- Trump is simply a petty fool who gives in to bad impulses and makes choices based on whim.

                                          • Avatar

                                            trump's doctor's results proved that trump is an illiterate, ignorant, bigoted racist asshole, playing a game on the American people. He can't use "insanity" as a defense when Mueller gets his hand on him. He's going down.

                                          Watch Sen. Tammy Duckworth Scorch Donald Trump As ‘Five-Deferment Draft Dodger’

                                          The New Statesman is a British political and cultural magazine published in London. Founded as a weekly review of politics and literature on April 12, 1913. The author John Gray, is their lead book reviewer.

                                          In one of many inimitable utterances that Michael Wolff reports, Donald Trump seems to come close to achieving what might almost be described as self-awareness:
                                          Once, coming back on his plane with a millionaire friend who had brought along a foreign model, Trump, trying to move in on his friend’s date, urged a stop in Atlantic City. He would provide a tour of his casino. His friend assured the model that there was nothing to recommend Atlantic City. It was a place overrun by white trash. 
                                           “What is this ‘white trash?’” asked the model. 
                                          “They’re people just like me”, said Trump, “only they’re poor.”
                                          Fire and Fury contains many such scenes. When asked with whom he talks before he decides to act, Trump responds: “Me. I talk to myself.” When pressed by Steve Bannon and others early on to fire James Comey, the president said: “Don’t worry, I’ve got him” – meaning he was confident he could charm the formidable FBI chief into supporting him. Women, Trump believes, understand and get on with him better than men; at the same time he can refer casually to his female employees as “tail” or “cunt”. CONTINUED

                                          Today's Quote: “Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny,” Bruce Springsteen sang. No, we won’t, not with Trump. What we can hope — and what we must pray — is that we will look back on his presidency as a blot on our nation’s honor, an aberration from our history and a moment from which we emerged, not unscathed, but more resolute for having endured it. What's so extremely, uniquely wrong about Trump's presidency, Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

                                          Joy Reid introducing the segment to come after the commercial break: "Stormy clouds on the horizon for Donald Trump." I wonder what this will be about. I doubt it's the weather. 
                                          Not  a link. Click to enlarge.
                                          Which leads to this rumor:
                                          Link above to Daily Beast story.

                                          Instead of telling Maher about something that he did put in the book, Wolff slyly teased a White House anecdote that he apparently didn’t feel comfortable including. There was one story about Trump that he kept hearing, but couldn’t confirm, even by his questionable standards

                                          “I didn’t have the blue dress,” Wolff said, referring to the evidence that damned Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

                                          “It’s about somebody’s he’s fucking right now?” Maher asked, excitedly.

                                          “Yes,” Wolff replied, but he refused to elaborate. “You just have to read between the lines,” he said, adding, “Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’ll say bingo.” 

                                          Maher struggled to get any more specifics out of his guest, but when Wolff mentioned “back doors” that could allow Trump to have a White House affair without anyone noticing, the host joked, “There are back doors? Oh, it’s a gay liaison!” As the audience groaned, Maher ventured a guess: “Sean Spicer!”

                                          The editorial by the Time's editorial board (no doubt assisted by a group of interns) begins:

                                          When the editorial board published the first edition of the Republican’s Guide to Presidential Etiquette last May, we hoped to provide a helpful reminder to those morally upright members of the G.O.P. who were once so concerned about upholding standards of presidential decorum. Remember the hand-wringing when Barack Obama wore a tan suit or tossed a football in the Oval Office?
                                          Yet even as the current occupant of the White House continues to find new and shocking ways to defile his office, congressional Republicans have only lashed themselves more tightly to him. The examples come so fast that it’s easy to forget that the last one happened just four days ago, or just this morning.
                                          As part of our continuing effort to resist the exhausting and numbing effects of living under a relentlessly abusive and degrading president, we present, for the third time in nine months, an updated guide to what Republicans now consider to be acceptable behavior from the commander in chief. As before, these examples, drawn from incidents or disclosures in the last three-plus months, do not concern policy decisions — only the president’s words and actions.
                                          And no, we’re not even opening that Michael Wolff book.

                                          IF YOU ARE PRESIDENT, YOU MAY NOW:

                                          Question the authenticity of a recording of you bragging about sexual assault, even though you previously admitted it was real
                                          ... and it goes on, and on, and on from here.... as Trump Tweets by pitting the dreamers against the military and secretly fumes at the Democrats for making him miss his $100,000 a plate paean to himself... an event I think Gen. Kelly argued him into missing:

                                          Trump Whines: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss ‘My Party’ (Daily Beast)

                                          You would tweet too if it happened to you.


                                          Before the federal government shutdown at midnight Saturday, President Donald Trump privately vented frustrations that the political impasse would possibly keep him from attending a glitzy inauguration anniversary bash and fundraiser set for Saturday at his Florida getaway Mar-a-Lago.

                                          Two sources close to the president, one a White House official and the other a longtime confidant, told The Daily Beast how excited he was for the event and relayed his growing concern that the potential failure to strike a deal to keep the federal government open could keep him from “my party,” as the president has said.

                                          A different source who spoke to Trump earlier this week previously told The Daily Beast that the president had joked that it would be a “shame” if a government shutdown were to occur on, or overshadow, the first anniversary of his inauguration as president.

                                          White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to comment on the record for this story.

                                          Jan. 20, 2018

                                          From DeepStateNation (Power by rogue staffers-LOL) Trump: Babies Should Not Be Born In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy, This ‘Has To Change’ (VIDEO)

                                          "Remember when Dr. Ronny Jackson announced that Donald Trump doesn’t have cognitive issues because he passed a 10-minute test? Well, we beg to differ after hearing the former reality show star’s speech in the Rose Garden that was streamed live to the March for Life crowd on the National Mall. Trump was pro-choice before running for office, by the way."


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